RevWild® Patch
RevWild® Patch
RevWild® Patch

RevWild® Patch

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Our RevWild® patch is perfect for repping RevWild on all your existing outdoor gear. Features iron-on backing so it can easily be applied to backpacks, duffel bags, and more!

6" x 1.5"

*CamelBak for display only. 

Iron-on Patch Instructions:

  1. Lay the clean item on a flat surface.
  2. Turn iron on. Ensure steam is off with no water in the iron. Switch to setting appropriate for the item you are adhering to.
  3. Place the patch (facing up) onto item where desired. Place a towel or cotton cloth over the patch area.
  4. Apply pressure with the iron in circular motions 1-3 minutes over patch area to ensure adhesion. Allow patch to cool.
  5. Flip item inside-out, apply direct heat with iron onto the areas until adhered. Once again, allow patch to cool.
  6. Check that patch has adhered completely. (Repeat steps 4-6 if necessary**). 
Alternately, patch may be sewn onto item.