The Body Revelation
The Body Revelation

The Body Revelation

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Do you sometimes feel as though your body is a problem to solve? Discover how to make it part of the solution instead. It’s now known that the emotional and relational pain we’ve lived through has a profound negative physical effect on our bodies. Alisa Keeton, popular fitness professional, proposes that the reverse is also true: What we do with our bodies can have a dramatic positive effect on our emotions, relationships, and our connection with God. In The Body Revelation, she shows us how to use our bodies as a means of healing past pain and promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Too often, people of faith are taught to ignore, avoid, or forget our bodies, but Alisa reminds us that God calls our bodies good and cares about our pain. Offering a variety of physical and spiritual practices as well as stories from her own journey, Alisa

  • walks us through six steps for metabolizing personal pain;
  • shows us how understanding the mind/body/soul connection can help us make healthier choices;
  • teaches us how to achieve well-being and live for more than a number on a scale, and more!
Other features of this book include:
  • adverse childhood experiences questionnaire for helping you process past pain
  • movement calendar
  • food journal template
You can enrich your life, celebrate your body, and find holistic wellness. Journey alongside Alisa, and discover scientifically based, biblically-sound mind-body tools to forever change how you process pain so that you can experience emotional freedom, physical renewal, and spiritual transformation.